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sábado, 24 de maio de 2008

Secrets of a Smile

A minha mais recente amiga Vera Rios emprestou o seu sorriso!
What it hides a smile

somebody successful thing

or the surprise to find

still the stranger?

What it hides a smile

all charming and allowed infancy

all the convulsive and assented adolescence

all the conquered maturity?

What it hides a smile

all the steps of the long road

or simple shortcuts

that they had searched

deeply the soul?

What it hides a smile

the clear and cleam calm to face

the annoyances and upheavals of the life?

What it hides a smile

it is the paradise of if having allowed

to prove the forbidden one and if to keep worthy

fidiciary office to its certainties

to it starts?

What it rides a smile

they are massive petals

resistant enamel

to the inks that try

to pitch in our lives

repressive phrases

insolent words

that to our it replies them ears

with love songs?

What a smile hides

perhaps the accomplishment

of that it was judged impossible to reach.

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