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sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Mint Tablet

Who life will see!

I said my friend:

one day...I do not know when...I go to declare myself

and it said does not make this

you go to hurt yourself very

because it nor knows that you exist.

It had reason,baby - that squeeze in the heart to agree

I age only one admirer

of that pretty girl in flower form

perfect tooth owner and a seductive smile

that all the morning, in the hour of the recreation

in way to as much people and commotion,

it bought, in the canteen, tablets of mint,

while I, half hidden, was only one silly boy, baby

that in the eagerness to demonstrate my love

it dreamed for the less to be a tablet and to prove your lips,baby

Who life will see!

I said, confidence to some friends:

One day, I do not know when...I go to declare myself...

They had passed many years...

many steps...ways...shortcuts...labyrinths...

and was the know in the throat

in the dry throat unprovided of any tablet of mint

to refresh as the breeze of the morning

until I found it,baby, of the form most unusual

in a computer screen

in a page with few tracks

difficult access

but that is must also shelter dense and pretty content

now it knows that I made of everything

for to one to declare me day.

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