Luzes da Cidade

segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011


Wanted because I wanted a Fort Apache
entitled to all components
Indian military weapons animals
of all patents and feathered headdresses
guns guns guns
bows and arrows, blowguns and clubs
Nothing escapes the perfect toy
Wanted because I wanted
and was not a single day
in default of any time and threats
enter the department store
and wanton lust with the child
wooden structure
perfectly painted
along with the horses intrepid
White men and pale-faces
and wild red and beardless
Wanted because I wanted
and with each passing day
fought with himself
an internal battle
were in the cave of dreams
or at the bottom of the Wishing Well
Trying to understand and assimilate
victory and defeat
and this loneliness
the achievement and frustration
Wanted because I wanted the Fort Apache
the attractive packaging of cardboard
that combined fit enemies
and tamed animals
and joined the daring and dastardly beings
martyrs and deserters
Wanted because I wanted
transfer the Fort Apache
department store to your room
in its territory and to dominate both sides
at their leisure
nu or uniformed

One day wear the blue uniform
filled with gold buttons
another day almost naked
exalt the sky
with their screams
imitating lone wolves

Wanted because I wanted the Fort Apache
and it protected
attend without missing any scene
no dialogue
the films of Woody Allen

Carlos Gutierrez

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