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sábado, 24 de julho de 2010

Old Tmes News Emotions

I'm still that envy jeans
long ago
arriving starched and clumsy
cutting and traditional model
basic five-pocket
and gold rivets
beyond the push-button
the jeans ... the jeans ...
that the more one uses and washes
in the rain on the rocks
or tank rough house
become more comfortable
dress and look
I'm still the blue hue
indigo blue
that the more it fades
dispute and legs
to hide the boots
paths ending
Adventures desolate or rewarding
becomes more attractive and regenerator
pain after a fall
or smile after a jump out of my mind
what a hot bath
in the chambers of a Saloom
even outside of a hot tub
apparatus with a rustic bush soft
still loaded with black seeds
lint in their dense interiors
that eliminate all the toxins and
impurities from the skin of recent long trails
and permeate into our skins
perfumes landscape we leave behind
I am yet to air cafeteria with rebels
noisy and effervescent
the mozzarella stretching into the snack
enticing the palate and teeth
in contrast to the gum delusional
inside your mouth irreverent
which makes source
the stone of my greatest desire
I am in too much pepper in their eyes innocent
Tipping in your ears
desires more ulterior and pressing
I'm still the straw that sucks the milk shake
to satisfy the greed that strangles
a desire unresolved
'm Spreading gooseberry
on ice
and mimics the blood of a poet
which freezes
when it comes face to face with his beloved muse
and just screams with his hazel eyes
the hot plate that is on your side
challenging the hands of lunchboxes and the bartender
I'm the napkin absorbs the grease
the kiss of yellow mustard
the salivas lewd headquarters hungers and desires
mingling of the red lipstick
you wear your lips
I am the paradox of youth
the unbeliever and the orthodox
attitudes and antics
all greed and try to live every second
the desire to be free
while passionate
Break away or be grasped
I'm the plug when I have no money
clips the culprit who deceives Junk Box
and offers the most romantic song!

Carlos Gutierrez

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