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quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

Red Apples

And leave behind all those balconies?
Written Leave flowers, flowers, raindrops?
Here Leave all this coca-cola-gum-ashtray?
And both have sound in my throat!
Back off leaving an orchard of fruit
with plastic foam in ground glass powder
and wheat flour,
because this step and velvet kiss
the wrinkled face of evil sleeping pillow
at night with the sun,
no longer suited to my ramblings slightly cracked,
restored with the gum base of pollen,
tar and trivia.
And one day, perhaps today,
to break the capsule guardian fluorescence wonderful
that such adjectival polyglot musician
into refined and relaxing stay
intact in their everyday evil,
blood, nerves and tissues are patterned fabrics
or black does not matter
because the door to smile always is open.
And leave it all behind?
There are so many budding fruit!
I may take or leave behind.
Maybe because I do not know.
Maybe it is just a beautiful orchard

Desirée Gomes

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