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domingo, 16 de março de 2008

Fruit of the Instant

Desenho de Sara Mello

The undersstanding that I pursue friend

it is not here

definively not brother.

To look for in they go

also is part

of the way

that I have to follow.

If to betray the proper time

the fruit of the moon is spoon

also it is a form to continue.

To reconstitute the way

rock for rock

slip for slip

in way

the lives flowers thorns and lops

it seems to be to the first sight

extenuate arduous task



in one it is to reach has relaunched everything

of the eyes living creature

shining pupils

of the memory

always incendiary

all the accumulated dust

it drains

it is filtered

on the fingers


of your hands

that they confide

to receive

the fruit of the instant.

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