Luzes da Cidade

terça-feira, 18 de março de 2008

My Life is the Street where I Walk

If they ask to me why I am here
I simple answer
Because here it is the only place at the moment
that I make use
Tomorrow it can be different
as it alsoo can be that is not tomorrow
My life is the street where I walk
the crossing of strange people
the slips on the garbage cans
the anxiety to find some thing of value
and the necessity to value what not yet there is
Not friend, definitively, not
in these difficult times of multiple crisis
it does not agree to disdain nothing
Nobody knows of tomorrow
that it only exist for who knows to surpass today
My life is the street where I walk
and my love for it will resist until when
I to feel pleasure in walking
Today exactly I found somebody that was panning a garbage can
It commented with me that the garbage was rich
almost without no impurity and for my surprise
it invited to prove the slap-up meal
I was without hunger
howerer with necessity to talk
to find a friend
I did not ask to it why it was here
Certainly it is plus one as I
that it walks fulfills its paper
it explores its destination
My life the street where I walk.

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