Luzes da Cidade

segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008


I like of the red and the lilac!

The green I leave nature to preserv it.

The blue one all to the sky to contemplate

and,both, for the immense sea...

to sail all the dreams...

The yellow I leave Sun to paint it

the day until the dusk,

when the black veil of the night

it comes involving in them:

I same like of the red and the lilac!

The red because it is the color thath reflects the passion,

that it allows the blood to shine consistent

reverse to the any destilation.

The lilac because it is hidden in the mystery

of your charmer to look at.

Like of the red and the lilac

because they are the lost colors

of one Sundown

that it promises and always fulfills:

Tomorrow I go again to shine!

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