Luzes da Cidade

sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2008


You promissed to me

a meeting in the museum

To speak of art in all part

To see to observe and to devour pictures

academics and modern screens

in ostensive frames

or fragile and bizarres supports

acrylic oils and wattercolours

mixing techniques

nervous gesture

remaining portions of inks and papers

diffuse for the floor

or mobiles suspended

in the agressive or lyric environment

You promissed to me

a trip for the museum

To give life to the sculptures

space entire freedon

To the installations that my desire

so great indomitable requires

Any is not a brush

that its produces a light
chisel is not one any
that it reproduces its enchantment

You promissed to me

I sing coloring it dark

where I hide myself

inside of a solid wall

You promissed to be fresco

to fill the pores

of my being so nonsense.

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