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segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

It seems like yesterday

It seems like yesterday
or tell me
but already spent so many years ...
but the stones still rolling ...
roll ... not like before ...
are instilled with the limbs and blood
ARE opaque, they lost the shine
many States broke up ...
diamond lost its charm ...
but still rolling
Rolling stones
and move the earth
and frighten new steps ...
Rolling stones ...
move the plates
generate tremors
awakening volcanoes and wars
tsunamis ....
rolling stones ...
If each stone there is a new hole in the glass
Weather silly that shatters hopes
or a new wall of intolerance
also arise false lights projected
the shadows of greed!
New Prophets
new gods
new pastors
new informers
new political chattering ...
It seems like yesterday
or tell me
the strings of the guitar was electrified
to sound louder protests
the cries of freedom
even if intercepted by an idiot
comparing Dylan
with Judas Iscariot
But Dylan is not just that rebellion
against hypocrisy
he never forgot the noble feelings ...
Tenderness glued the lips
with the harmonica
this metallic bird
where Dylan rescues
the power of love ...
Because love is not just the flavor
a wet kiss of desire
Love and find the flower
in the wilderness of our own solitude

Carlos Gutierrez

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