Luzes da Cidade

domingo, 23 de maio de 2010


The passion is always blind
better that way
covered with darkness
so she does not see
our differences
and does not see obstacles
and blindly follow intrepid
without fear of anything
without using a cane
or guide dog
so it does not deflect
and slips at all hazards
and gropes friends and foes
moans screams in agony
or shut up and silence recogiza
to peace after so much furor
with the light when he discovers
which can also absorb the love
The passion is always blind
Current Wandering
leaving flow
pedals hesitant
a bicycle delusional
where two wheels
never lean
one over the other
and bet
in rare stones and gravels
Passion is blind
For that reason they always fascinating

Carlos Gutierrez

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