Luzes da Cidade

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Poetry is risk!

Poetry is risk!
verses lines
broad or narrow letters
timid or bold
dirty sheets of ink
and confessions
Poetry is risk!
is short-circuíto
Cris ... cris ... cris ...
causing friction
screams of panic
Hugs strangers
in light of the flames
cold in the spine
in the heat resounding
Poetry is risk!
terrifies me on paper corrugate
Jewelry by shame
that does not feel pity
of seeping all truths!
Cris ... cris ... cris ...
not crashing Crystal at all the charm
amid the flames
the stares of amazement
the strength of its presence
as if it was due to be a huge
refresh day warm!
Poetry is risk!
then i venture a poem
record be emblem
and meeting the dilemma
never be able to end!
Poetry is also range!

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