Luzes da Cidade

sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Pretty Baby

I dress with you last night
You must know
i wanted
more beautiful dream of all daybreak
A cólírio of dreams
wish a delirium
You came with the strength of a feather
solid foam
Baby Doll white silk
In contrast with her hair black Chanel
i wanted honeymoon
rival of Sun
any paper
and act bureaucratic
i was crazy
When i dissolvi in looking
i noticed fantastic
When your kiss
and felt his lips cherry blossoms
i wanted the same with you
i finally experience
the gentleness of love intensely
you which is the flower of my seed verses
You might have appeared pretty baby
with your baby doll silk
overly romantic
semantics scattering a rain of pearls
met and white
to make it even clearer my love for you

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