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quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Karen 60

Karen 60
Happy Birthday!
Karen Carpenter
combines the best decade
the twentieth century
revolutionary decade
that hit the front against any and foolish prejudices
Karen ... could be even less sweet
and even still not sick
His voice is a sound jeweler
that make up the beautiful landscapes darkest
Karen combines with the blue jeans
with the glove and baseball bat
with the drum sticks dishes and silver metal discs of a drums that calls the tireless love
and encourages a passion to live
Karen combines with the basic white shirt who loves to expose verses and phrases drawings traits euphoric and bold color
Karen's life as she sings while silencing
Karen caresses with his soft voice the world increasingly harsh!
Karen recalls childhood dreams
findings juveniles
and reflections of maturity
with the goodness that only a pure heart
can evoke

Carlos Gutierrez

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