Luzes da Cidade

sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010


you once
was my girlfriend
and that the first meeting
without knowing almost nothing
each other
walked around a garden
in hand
only hearing what the silence
can transmit
the sweet look of love.
Be ready for me to lie
that one day you too
fell in love with me
and I believe
from beginning to end
this story that will never end ...
Pretend that I ...
I was delighted one album
and you figurine stamped
Chrome most desired
to complete the collection.
that you once were my girlfriend
sweet fairy of my childhood flanboyant
Patty Duke in my adolescence Sundae
Karen Carpenter singing love songs
with his unique voice
Summertime a princess who woke
shook and trembled all my senses
still not well addressed
my imagination, in short, the rest of my life
that one day I lived in your heart
Pretend you were a flower
against the thorn in my cactus destination
It accounts
get lost in numbers all the time that I love
some of my hopes
multiply my desires
and the divide in his divine compassion.

Carlos Gutierrez

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