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domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

Live Poetically

I live poetically
Fresh Air
rolled oats
semi-skimmed milk
Crispy cereal
wet and dry fruits
flowers on the balcony
strong coffee and aromatic
a soft black velvet coat in the cat
a complacent eye and food for a dog can turn
a glimpse into the bounce of a cricket
a dream not yet dissipated
its sweet and tender remembrance
a song in the air
that invades the ears
and warms the heart
A walk
without forcing the muscles
without playing anything
only the complicity of the sidewalk
a pair of canvas sneakers soft
comfortable jeans
a loose T-shirt
printed with a poem
that can be read by other people not hasty
I live poetically
live with what I have
and what I retain from my past
maybe in the future you might be on my side
holding hands and deep silences
that touch the soul
who knows it all ends in a happy ending
the ones we never regret
I live poetically
time away from home
Evite work
or in a narrow room of an old cinema
or even a garden full of butterflies birds
insects and several wooden benches or cold cement
sometimes at home
in the solitude of a room
the perversion of a screen
the adventure inside a comic old
along with retired heroes
and villains that cause no more fears
in bed asleep in the dream where stone floats
true love ...
I live poetically
dry wine not to oxidize the thoughts
oil to the delight of food
omega 3 fish and a long poem
Rescued from a lonely castaway ...

Carlos Gutierrez

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